10 Simple Steps for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

September 01, 2015

As soon as you decide to remodel or add another bath to your home, there is some crucial research and planning that shoud be done. It's important that you're informed, you know exactly what you want, and you know how much you are willing to spend on any remodeling project. Finally, it's important that you are comfortable with who will do the work for you. By planning ahead, you can avoid setbacks that can cost you both time and money.


Here are 10 simple ways to plan for your bathroom remodeling project:

1. Have realistic goals

Start with a list of things you must have. If your budget permits it, then make a list of extra amenitites you'd like to have in your bathroom.

2. Do your research

Look up the best products in your price range, including hardware, fixtures, and the remodeling firm you choose. Compare prices and features and know that you get what you pay for.

3. Seek out environmentally friendly alternatives

You may opt for a more "green" bathroom by adding water-conserving fixtures or more eco-friendly materials in your design. Recently, many clients have made this a priority.

4. Select a contractor wisely

Always check contractors' references and their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

5. Get a contract that outlines expectations and timeline clearly

You and your contractor should be on the same page in terms of payment schedule, a timetable for the project to be completed, and all specifics of the job.

6. Expect the unexpected

Remodeling projects inevitably have speed bumps. We recommend building a cushion into your budget.

7. Make outside arrangements

In some cases, you may have to stay elsewhere during your bathroom remodel (particularly if it is the only one in your home).

8. Get permits

Building codes and permits exist for your safety, which is why this is a critical step that should never be missed.

9. Know your preferences

Consider what your lifestyle and habits are, and design your bathroom around those. For example, if you exclusively take showers there may not be a need for a tub, but you may choose to add a luxurious shower.

10. Be creative

Once you've prioritized what you need in your bathroom, feel free to use it as a space to express your personal style. Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, which provide great opportunities for using bold colors, patterns, and design in general.

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