5 Bathroom Design Trends in 2016

February 02, 2016

Making choices about any remodeling project can be tricky – it’s usually a balance of integrating trendy and classic design elements. Here are five bathroom design trends that we love for 2016.

1. Metallic

 Metal has come up everywhere in the past few years, and this year is no exception. We especially like the contrast between metals and more natural materials like wood. Metals with matte finishes (think: brushed stainless steel, copper, and brass) will be most popular this year.

2. Plant Inspired Design

This year, bathrooms will incorporate vine-y and green plant life into their designs. This includes several shades of green that complement natural woods for an organic feel. Consider choosing wallpaper (wallpaper is here to stay) with leafy patterns, or bring actual plants into the space.

3. Industrial Design

The industrial look has been popular for a few years now, but didn’t necessarily move into the bathroom until now. Industrial design uses natural materials like wood, concrete, and crisp lines. Try accenting these materials with soft hues of grey, white, and beige.

4. Freestanding Tubs

Currently, tubs that standalone (think: claw foot) are clearly preferred over built-in shower/tubs. This is especially true for those who prefer to have a soaking tub in their bathroom in addition to a shower – they are just separated. Luckily, there is flexibility in where you place the tub. It doesn’t necessarily need to be right next to the shower.

5. Neutral Colors

This year, it’s all about neutrals – white, black, grey, and white. Black and white together, especially black and white checkered floors, will gain popularity. Grey and turquoise are a popular color combination. White is versatile in that it applies to any style – contemporary, traditional, or otherwise. Note: The ever-popular beige will continue to decline in popularity in the coming year.

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