5 Benefits of Open-Concept Floorplans

February 25, 2016

Open concept has been a buzz word in the remodeling and design world for a while now, but what does it mean? 

Definition: Open concept is a type of floor plan that uses several large, open spaces and avoids using many smaller closed in rooms. 

For example, rather than having several distinct rooms on your main floor (think: kitchen, dining room, and living room all separated by walls) an open concept integrates all of these spaces into one.

Here are some reasons to choose an open concept floor plan:

1. Open concept floor plans are great for entertaining. If you like to entertain, it's nice to have a large space where everyone can be in the same space without walls breaking everyone up. If you're serving food and drinks, it's also convenient that the kitchen is integrated with your living space.

2. Natural light is a benefit of an open concept space. Because there aren't as many walls to intercept light coming in through the windows, light is able to travel throughout your home.

3. Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, an open concept gives the illusion that your space is bigger. Lots of walls between rooms can make homes feel stuffy and closed off. 

4. Similar to the benefits of being a great entertainment space, there are social benefits within your family (or whoever lives in your home). For example, you can prepare dinner and continue conversations with others in the house.

5. Open concept allows for expansive views across spaces. In theory, you might be able to see from one side of your home to the opposite side. With lots of windows, you can also create long sight lines that carry into the outdoors.

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