5 Painless Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Home

January 20, 2016

There are plenty of large scale changes you can make to create a more eco-friendly home, but sometimes it can be challenging to make them. By starting small, you can make your home more green -- all while seeing the effects on a daily basis. Here are five painless adjustments you can make right now:

1. Household Cleaners

By changing to more eco-friendly household cleaners, you can reduce air pollution (both inside and outside), minimize exposure to allergens and potentially dangerous chemicals, and reduce asthma. We recommend looking for plant-based cleaners.

2. Insulation

By adding or improving upon your insulation, you prevent "leaky" air ducts, windows, doors, and walls. Ultimately, this can improve your home's energy efficiency (as well as reducing your energy bills). Be sure to read more about energy audits and their benefits. If you're unable to redo insulation, you may try thermal shades (retaining heat in winter, blocking sun in summer).

3. Remove Your Shoes

It's simple, but leaving your shoes at the door makes your home cleaner and more green. By taking them off, you prevent outside materials like pesticides and other chemicals from being tracked all over your home.

4. Pots and Pans

Believe it or not, the pots and pans you decide to cook in can impact the quality of your food and health. Non-stick pans can be harmful if the surface is scratched into your food. Go for cast iron, enamel coated cast iron, and stainless steel -- they're the safest choices.

5. Consider Going Meatless (Once Per Week)

Going meatless once per week can have the same long term effects as driving a hybrid car. The meat we eat comes from eating livestock, which produce a large quantity of greenhouse gases, so cutting back actually makes a huge difference.

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