9 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Winter

November 11, 2016

The winter months can be chaotic with prepping for the holidays, hosting guests, and traveling. But once those things are finished, it’s also a good time to make small changes to your home. It’s cold outside and you’re likely spending more time than usual in your home, so why not make some simple upgrades?

Below is a list of nine simple projects to improve both the comfort and aesthetic in your home.


Living Room Update with Accent Wall Painting

1. Repaint
 Your Walls

You’ve been stuck inside staring at the same wall colors for a while now, so why not repaint to brighten your mood? We recommend going with a bright, bold color to make your interior spaces more exciting. A new coat of paint can also dramatically improve your mood during the cold, grey winter months.

Tip: Be sure to let fresh air in while you’re painting to avoid fumes. If you prefer, choose an eco-friendly, low-VOC paint to avoid it altogether.

2. Make Small Changes to Your Kitchen

Small changes can make a big difference in your kitchen. We recommend adding a backsplash with a unique pattern or pop of color to make the space appear fresh. You may also consider updating appliances, looking into new countertops, or new floors.

3. Update Your Floors

Similar to your walls, giving some attention to your floors is a great option during the winter months. Maybe your carpets are worn down, or your hardwood or tile floors are too cold on your feet. A carpet installation (or simply some new area rugs) can make a big difference in terms of both aesthetic and comfort.

4. Declutter

Who says spring-cleaning has to be done in the spring? You’re spending time inside anyway, so you might as well get started on decluttering. Make a list of things you’d like to get done and devote a little bit of time to it every week.

Tip: Baby steps are key. Don’t try to reorganize the entire house all at once, as this will inevitably be overwhelming.


Coastal Blue Contemporary Master Bath

5. Update Your Bathrooms

Late fall and early winter can be busy planning for holidays, traveling, and having guests over. It’s understandable that your bathroom may not have had a deep-clean in awhile. Now is a great time to deal with mildew, buildup in the grout of your shower, and even replacing things that are old or outdated. Consider replacing faucets, tile, and re-painting. Larger projects may include replacing flooring and appliances. Get some inspiration from our blog about current bathroom remodeling trends.

Tip: For large projects (e.g., new flooring), consider calling a professional. It’s definitely worth the investment and final outcome.

6. Add Insulation

Adding insulation in your home will lower your utility bills and help make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly. Adding insulation in the attic and basement are good places to start in order to prevent heat loss.

Tip: To save even more energy, consider having an energy audit. An energy audit assesses the overall energy efficiency of your home and lets you know where there are weaknesses. Addressing these weaknesses will save you a lot of money on utilities in the long run.

7. Refurbish Your Doors

Interior doors are something people tend not to think about often, but can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your space. Making small changes like painting, changing doorknobs, and adding molding are simple upgrades.

Tip: Dark colors add a sense of sophistication; bright colors are more modern and trendy.


Relaxing and Cozy Basement Remodel

8. Remodel Your Basement

Basements are sometimes neglected spaces in people’s homes, which is an unfortunate waste of space. If you have a basement that isn’t space that can actually be used, you may want to consider finishing/refinishing it this winter. Most basement remodels require a professional, but contractors tend to be less busy in the winter months, making this project a good one for the winter.

If you'd like to begin planning your basement remodel, don't forget to download our free guide to basement remodeling.

9. Lighten Up Your Rooms

With less sunlight in the winter, we spend more time utilizing our indoor lighting. Take time to evaluate the lighting you have currently. Are the fixtures outdated? Do they match with the rest of the décor in the space? Does the quality of light make you feel good? Consider making changes if you aren’t happy with any of these elements.

Tip: Installing dimmers are also another great option. This allows you to customize the level of lighting you like in any situation.


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