Adding a Full Laundry Room to Your Northern Virginia Home

October 17, 2018

As more and more homeowners are choosing to stay in their current homes, the trend in home design includes finding ways to not only add property value, but also to include elements that will stand the test of time. One key request is a full laundry room! 

Check out our new featuring the most popular designs and storage solutions in laundry room design! 


Image via Trehus Architecture


1. Farmhouse

The farmhouse style is all the rage in design right now. It is clear that this popular style goes far beyond just kitchen design. Key features of the farmhouse style include painted cabinets, white subway tile, transitional cabinet hardware, white or wood countertops, and subtle contrasts in design. 

As you can see from the examples below, both cabinet styles chosen are Shaker. The first laundry room incorporates a white on white theme, with the grout color and painted door as contrast. For the second laundry room shown, blue painted cabinets were chosen with wood accents. One key element to this laundry room is the modern floor tile chosen. The tile makes the laundry room less traditional than the white on white laundry room, while still showing elements of farmhouse design. 


38b1f238062ff27a_3276-w500-h400-b0-p0--Image via Austin & Co. Architecture and Design




Image via Noelle Interiors



2. Transitional

Transitional design is a catch all term for incorporating popular design elements that span multiple styles. It may include traditional, farmhouse, coastal, and modern elements all in one design. 

As you can see from the first example, the homeowners chose a muted gray and white subway tile with a black grout, which is more of a farmhouse design trend, but opted for a clean line modern tile and bright stainless washer and dryer combo. The second example has more of a coastal design element with wood grain cabinets in a muted tone with brass hardware, which is more modern. They also chose to use a patterned ceramic floor tile, which is seen in both farmhouse and modern remodels, all while keeping the modern vibe with a bright faced washer and dryer combo. The mixture of multiple elements is indicative of the transitional design style. 


transitional-laundry-room-2Image via Vision Hardscapes


Image via Urban Oasis Design & Construction


3. Traditional

Traditional laundry rooms may seem very similar to farmhouse laundry room designs, but there are key differences-the main one being color palette.

Traditional design styles tend to have less contrast. As you can see in the example below, the cabinetry, tile and flooring are all of a similar shade of color. The washer and dryer combo is also white. The hardware is a muted brushed nickel and the countertops are also a similar shade of beige and white. 

The second example, features a more traditional style cabinet but in a soft gray. The cabinet hardware is again brushed nickel and the cabinets, flooring and tile choices are all similar in color tone without any heavy contrasts. 



Image via Pinterest



Image via Artisitc Renovations of Ohio


4. Contemporary

Contemporary and modern design styles are often confused with each other. Homeowners may say modern, but really they want contemporary. The key design differences are the cabinet door styles and finishes. A contemporary laundry can be defined by flat panel cabinets and chrome or black cabinet hardware. 

Flat panel cabinets are cabinets that do not have a decorative inlay, also knows as a raised panel. This means that the construction of the cabinet is the same, but the door front is completely smooth, creating a seamless look to your cabinets. Polished chrome faucets and cabinet hardware is also a sign that the design is contemporary. While the example below does have some transitional elements, the overall them of the laundry is contemporary due to the high contrast of design elements placed into the space. 


modern laundry room

Image via Duet Design Group


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