Adding a Kitchen Banquette

January 08, 2018

As homeowners question the functionality of their kitchen design and the use of their everyday spaces, a kitchen banquette continues to pop up as an alternative seating option. While the carpentry work is more expensive than just putting in a table and chairs in a breakfast nook, the added charm of a kitchen banquette cannot be denied. Not only does it provide additional storage space, but it can also be customized over the years within your home should your design style ever change. 

Check out these design ideas below for inspiration for your new kitchen banquette!

d011d89905e64532_4213-w400-h534-b0-p0--rustic-dining-room.jpgImage via elena del bucchia DESIGN


1. Leather Seat Cushions

Many homeowners, especially those with active pets and children, choose leather seat covers for their banquette cushions. The leather material makes it very easy to clean and wipe down any food mess or spilled drinks. 

Homeowners should be mindful when allowing pets with untrimmed nails, or children doing crafts, as it may tear the leather fabric. Real leather needs to have a leather conditioner applied to it every 6-12 months, depending on usage, to make sure the fabric stays intact and in good shape. 


contemporary-dining-room.jpgImage via Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc.


Kitchen Banquette.jpgImage via Charmean Neithart Interiors


2. Removable Slip Covers

Another common choice for easy maintenance is a removable fabric slip cover. This option allows you to remove the seat cushions and pillow cases to be washed should any food spill on them. 

One thing to consider is that if you drink wine, it would be wise to have a multi-patterned cushion, as shown below, so that any un-removable stains are less visible after cleaning. Depending on the type of fabric, scotch-guarding is an option to help maintain the longevity of the fabric. 


rustic-kitchen.jpgImage via Rebecca Reynolds Design -New Canaan Kitchens


traditional-kitchen-12.jpgImage via The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn


0e1d0189bc73f33bc0ebd53173e432c8.jpgImage via Kathy Marshall Design


3. Island Banquette Seating

One trend that is starting to become more common is the attachment of banquette seating to a kitchen island. This is ideal for a family that has young children, as serving meals is incredibly convenient. 

With this banquette option, it's important to work closely with a designer to make sure the fabric chosen matches the overall design of your kitchen. This is also a top choice for homeowners that do not have or do not use their formal dining room. 


6831bc5c06953bae_3196-w500-h400-b0-p0--beach-style-kitchen.jpgImage via Alexander Design Group, Inc.

contemporary-kitchen-12.jpgImage via Jeff Sheats Designs, Inc

4. Free-Standing Furniture

If space is not an issue, consider using free-standing furniture as the focal point of your kitchen banquette. By putting a table and chairs adjacent to a couch or statement piece, it brings design into the kitchen and the comfort of the rest of the home. 

The same rules apply to free-standing furniture used in the kitchen, as you want to make sure it is protected from stains and damage from everyday use. It might be wise to save an heirloom couch for a sitting room, or consider having the couch  reupholstered to give it new life to meets your families needs.  


3de1dedc0d9c75ca_1705-w618-h353-b0-p0--contemporary-kitchen.jpgImage via HB Design

modern-kitchen.jpgImage via Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

contemporary-kitchen (1)-2.jpgImage via Fivecat Studio | Architecture

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