Aging in Place: Top Reasons to Add an Addition in Northern Virginia

April 12, 2018

Many homeowners today are considering aging in place. With home values on the rise there is incentive to stay in one place, especially if the location meets all of your needs. Another option families are considering is the in-law addition, which allows for families to be close together as their parents age. This is becoming increasingly popular as the Baby Boomer generation continues to retire. 

Take a peak at our new blog featuring why adding on to your home may fit your lifestyle more than just moving to anew one! 


Image via Metzler Home Builders


1. Closeness with Privacy

Most in-law additions are built to the side or rear of the home, as you see in the picture above. By doing this, it allows for first floor living, and to still be within reach of the rest of the family.  

 The wonderful part of the connection, or breezeway, that connects the two houses  below, is that it allows the in-laws and you your privacy. This can be very important when dealing with new living arrangements.  



Image via FOUR POINT Design+Construction Inc.


2. Outdoor Spaces

Adding on an addition is also the perfect time to consider shared outdoor space. As you can see with the After photo below, a new stone patio was added so that the addition does not seem like an afterthought. 

The In-Law Addition can match the style of the existing home, or not. It is recommended though, that you consult the opinion of your in-laws if it will be their permanent home.



Image via Mark Jordan Architecture & Design


As you can see with the before and after photos above and below, adding on to the back of the home is not complicated, if there is enough room to build the new structure. It's important to verify property lines with the county to ensure you are not encroaching on your neighbors property. 



Image via Kelly Baron


3. Matching the Original Homes Design

One key design element when planning an addition for another group of family members is to consider that not all styles mesh well together. You may like transitional, while your family members may like cottage or a beach style. 

This is where working with a designer becomes very important, as they can help allow for the varied styles to be cohesive. It's crucial that you do not have too very different design styles, as it would throw off home buyers should you ever decide to sell. 



Image via Clawson Architects, LLC



Image via Clawson Architects, LLC

 4. Conceptualize Together

With 3D drawing software, you can get a first hand look at what the interior of the addition will look like. It gives you and your loved ones an opportunity to decide placement of the room before the build even begins. 



Image via Hatchett Design Remodel




Image via All Georgia Realty


 5. Accessible Amenities

An In-Law Addition typically resembles a nicely thought out apartment. They are usually designed to be for 1-2 people, with a kitchenette, open floor plan, one bedroom and bathroom, with the option for a standing washer and dryer. 

The In-Law Addition can be very comfortable for your loved ones. By creating a private space, that still allows for being close by, this addition is the perfect solution to changes in everyday life. 



Image via Masterpiece Design/Build




Image via Masterpiece Design/Build




Image via Sybil Jane Barrido, ASID, CID - SJVD DESIGN



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