All White Bathrooms: Do or Don't?

June 29, 2016

When designing a bathroom, deciding on a color scheme can be a tough decision. Many people take advantage of bathrooms (especially small powder rooms and half baths) and use them as a space to experiment with color, pattern, and texture. On the other hand, many people also opt for the all white color (or lack of color) scheme. An all white approach clearly has a classic, clean, and sophisticated look. However, does an all white space mean you're missing an opportunity to get creative? Here are a few key points when it comes to choosing an all white color theme.


Image via Houzz.

According to design experts, white comes in countless shades and it can be tricky to distinguish between each one. It's recommended that when you're choosing white for your walls, trim, ceiling, and even tile, you compare each shade. Take the time to test out color swatches on your walls (it'll pay off in the long run). After some time, you'll be able to tell the difference between a cool white and a warm white. 

Many people consider an all white color scheme to be a "safe" and classic choice. While this may be the case, white can be hard to live with -- especially in a bathroom. The upkeep can be challenging, as an all white scheme can become dirty over time. It requires that you are diligent about cleaning (think: tiles). If you have the ability to maintain it, an all white look is sophisticated and clean.

One potential downfall is that you may get tired of an all white color scheme in a bathroom. We recommend adding colorful accents such as artwork, linens, and window treatments. If those aren't enough, you can always add a fresh coat of paint.

What do you think -- is an all white bathroom a design do or don't? We love the clean, classic look. However, we also love taking advantage of bathrooms as places for experimentation with color.

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