Backsplash Tile Trends- Northern Virginia

April 18, 2017

It's easy to look at pictures of renovated kitchens and find something that catches your eye, but how can you tell what style of backsplash fits your kitchen? Knowing how to explain your specific style helps leaps and bounds when working with a design professional. It saves time and energy by doing your research ahead of time. Take a peek at the styles listed below to get a better idea of your preferred style in one of the most important rooms of the home. After you choose your style, contact our design team to find out how to take your dream and make it a reality. 

Coastal Backsplash.jpg

Image via Rachel Reider Interiors

1. Coastal Glass Tile

Coastal glass tile is known for it's translucent beauty. It catches your eye and immediately makes you feel at ease in the space. Coastal glass tile is usually found in transitional kitchens looking a achieve a bright and fresh appeal. Having good lighting is key to a successful dramatic impact. 


Spanish tile.jpg

Image via Courtney Holland Interiors

2. Spanish Inspired Tile

Spanish inspired tile is all the rage right now, with homeowners adding to their backsplashes, as flooring and even using it as ceiling tile. It's similar to the traditional mosaic tile feature behind the cook top, except it can used in virtually any kitchen style. These tiles can be heavy, so it's important to have a qualified remodeler perform the installation. 


Transitional.jpgImage via Historical Concepts

3. Transitional Inspired Tile

The term transitional refers to a mixing of styles. It usually falls between traditional and modern. The cabinets are usually a shaker style, and can be painted, but the accents are more polished. This may include higher end faucets and appliances, with an intricate backsplash. A Transitional kitchen is the most popular type of kitchen we install, as it is a mix of the new trends with the feel of a well-lived space. By adding an intricate laser cut backsplash to this kitchen, it draws the eye the wall making the kitchen seem bigger than it actually is. 


Traditional mosaic.jpg

Image via Dayna Katlin Interiors

4. Traditional Mosaic Tile

The tried and true choice for a backsplash in a traditional kitchen is the patterned mosaic. Usually this mosaic tile is placed behind the cook top. By adding a more subtler backsplash around the remainder of the kitchen, it allows for the mosaic to shine and the design to not look too busy. This is especially important if you have ornate cabinets. 


Modern Tile.jpg

Image via Elizabeth Lawson Design

5. Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are defined by clean lines and complimentary color choices, without all of the frills. The appeal of the modern style is that the clutter of the kitchen is easily hidden due to the amount of storage created to achieve the look of clean lines. These kitchens are accentuated by high end countertop and appliance choices. It is common to run the countertop up the wall and utilize it as the backsplach. Another common option is to use white subway tiles for a clean and neutral look. 


Cottage Tile.jpg

Image via Wright-Ryan Homes

6. Cottage Kitchens

Cottage kitchens are normally small in stature, but they don't have to be. It is easy to accommodate the style of a cottage kitchen into a larger space, while still maintaining it's quaint charm. The main feature that exemplifies a cottage kitchen is the use of ship lap or tongue and groove boards on the walls instead of drywall. Complete the look by adding open shelving and wood countertops. A cottage kitchen allows you to have a backsplash design that might not be possible with a traditional kitchen. 


rustic tile.jpg

Image via Croma Design Inc

6. Rustic Modern Kitchens

Another style that is very popular right now, is the rustic modern style. It incorporates classic items, such as white subway tile with distressed wood cabinets, or more modern white cabinets with a rustic wood-look tile. It is truly the mix of many styles, which is why it is so appealing. 



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