Best Ways to Add Value to Your Northern Virginia Home

March 16, 2018

Are you looking to change the look of your home and are curious to know which renovations will add the most value to your house? Making the right choices on what to renovate within your home can make a big difference if or when you decide to sell.

Check out the top spaces where you should spend your renovation dollars! 


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1. Interior Renovations

Renovating the interior of your home can add major value. One of the biggest requests is to remove walls between living spaces to create an open floor plan. More and more families are looking to create an open space where they can socialize and entertain with family and friends. 

It's important to work with a qualified builder and structural engineer to ensure the wall you are looking to remove is not load bearing. It may very well be holding up the second story of your home! Working with a qualified contractor will also mean that you receive the best alternatives to your design plan to still incorporate the look and flow you are looking for while still being structurally sound. 



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2. Exterior Remodel

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they drive up to your house. Many people see a homes exterior as a reflection of the condition of the interior, so it's important to make sure you keep the exterior of your home in good shape. 

A good example of that is to replace your roof when it becomes worn, replace your siding for something more viable-such as Hardie Plank, and consider revamping your existing outdoor spaces or constructing an entirely new deck or porch. These improvements make a big difference in the value of your home, but also affect the enjoyment you have while relaxing or entertaining! 



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3. Adding or Remodeling a Fireplace

In areas that have 4 seasons, it is not common to find a home that doesn't have a fireplace, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's updated. Fireplaces increase a homes value because they are great focal points to any living room. They can be expensive to install, so if yours is outdated, remodeling the facade may be a good option for your home. 



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4. Kitchen Remodel

"Kitchens sell houses", as our designers like to say. A remodeled kitchen is a great way to add immediate value to your home. One thing to consider is that while it may seem like a good idea to try to stretch your dollar in your kitchen remodel, cheap materials always look cheap. From afar, a kitchen may look more custom than it really is, but up close shows it's poor craftsmanship. So, it's important to choose products in your kitchen design that not only look flawless, but will also stand the test of time. 



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