Color Psychology: How to Use Color in Your Home

August 27, 2015

Interior designers use color as a tool, which can fulfill the needs of his or her clients. The psychology of color, or how particular colors make you feel, can truly set the tone for any space. When planning for a remodeling project, simply repainting your walls, or redecorating any room, you can think about what the space is used for and what emotions you want to emit through the colors you choose. 


Here are some common terms to know:

Warm colors (reds, yellows, oranges)

  • Visually and psychologically "warm" an interior space
  • Known for being inviting, optimistic, and homey

Cool colors (blues, greens, some neutrals)

  • Generally calm and relax the mind and body
  • Subdue the appetite and emotions
  • Visually expand space (therefore, great for smaller rooms)

Here are some common color associations to know:

1. Red

Red is known for its pureness and intensity, as well as its association with danger, passion, love, and excitement.

2. Pink

Pure (bright) pink is known for being festive and cheerful. Light/pastel pinks are associated with innocence, delicacy, and femininity.

3. Orange

Orange is an intense, pure color. It is known for being associated with friendliness, celebration, and clarity.

4. Yellow

A pure and bright color, yellow is best known for its cheerful optimism. It's also associated with intellect and renewal.

5. Green

Green is best known for its connection with nature. It's also known for practicality and integrity. Blue-green hues are connected with feelings of nostalgia and calmness while yellow-greens are associated with happiness and youthfulness.

6. Blue

Known for loyalty and honesty, blue is one of the most commonly used colors in residential design. Deep blues are associated with compassion and peacefulness. Light/pastel blues are known for their calming effects.

7. Purple

Purple (or violet) is known for optimism, imagination, drama, and royalty.

With an understanding of color psychology, you can better plan for which colors to use in your home depending on what you intend to use each space for. For example, it may be more appropriate to use a cool color like blue or green in a bedroom to promote relaxation rather than a warm color like red or orange. That being said, experimenting with color (regardless of what they are associated with) is a great way to express your personal style!

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