Design Tips for Creating an Open Floor Plan

April 23, 2018

Taking down walls to create an open floor plan can be an exciting endeavor. Spacious kitchens, custom built-ins, and center islands fill our dreams with design inspiration of what could be for our home remodels, but knowing what to do with all of that newfound space can be overwhelming. 

Check out our top design tips on how to design your Northern Virginia open floor plan! 



Image via Mitch Wise Design, Inc.


1. Feature Walls

Feature walls are a great way create a transition between two spaces, while still maintaining a flow in the space. One way to achieve this is by having a feature wall that blends in with the surrounding space. Wallpaper, reclaimed wood, and featured art pieces with designated lighting.

It's important to not have contrasting color tones between the two spaces, meaning bold colors may not be the best idea to pair with a classic, traditional kitchen. 



Image via Studio 23 Interiors


transitional-living-room (1)

Image via Lori Paranjape


2. Custom Built-Ins

Adding custom built-ins to an open concept living space is an excellent way to achieve personalized storage space that meets the needs of your family. By incorporating custom cabinetry, your open concept living room and kitchen is elevated in not only beauty, but also functionality.  

One innovative way to create contrast is to add color behind the shelving. As you can from the photos below, the colors chosen as the background color is also found in the decor of the living room in which it resides. 



Image via SHIFT Interiors



Image via LEIVARS


3. Connected Dining Spaces

One of the biggest requests when it comes to creating an open floor plan is that homeowners want to be able to interact with their friends and family. Long gone seem the days where rooms are isolated from each other.

The way homeowners are using their living spaces is allowing for the main floor space to be multi-purpose, which means less square footage is needed. 



Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.



Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.


4. Adding or Reworking a Fireplace

A lot of homes in the Northern Virginia area have fireplaces, especially if they are older homes. Newer homes may not have a fireplace, as they are usually add-on amenities when a new builder home is being built. 

Reworking an existing fireplace is great way to modernize your decor and incorporate design throughout the entire main floor living space. You can incorporate a marble surround to the fireplace that can tie into a marble kitchen backsplash. For newer homes, adding a gas fireplace may be a more economical option, as it much easier to be installed and vented through the home verses a standard masonry fireplace. 



Image via Kitchen Views at National Lumber



Image via Astleford Interiors, Inc.


5. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to showcase works of art and to add dimension to a space that transitions between two formal spaces, such as the living room and dining room. Many times, when opening up walls to accommodate an open floor plan, the interior walls can seem continuous. Light fixtures can help designate different areas, but a gallery wall will help add additional design to the newly renovated space. 



Image via Maria Killam



Image via Coats Homes


6. Dramatic Ceiling

Incorporating a dramatic ceiling design is a exceptional way to create a seamless open floor plan. As seen in the vaulted ceiling below. By extending the vault across the entire open floor plan, it allows for the layout and spacing of the open living spaces to seem intentional. 

As seen in the second picture below, the homeowners opted to add a rustic distressed wood finish to the ceiling as a way to break up the space in their living and dining room combination. 



Image via Bay Vista Development



Image via Triton Austin


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