Designing a Stunning Master Bathroom in Northern Virginia

March 18, 2019

It's easy to get lost in design photos of master bathrooms, so much so that knowing what you really want and what's important to you can come into question. Thinking about functionality and beauty should be at the forefront. Having a beautiful bathroom with no storage or proper lighting can make any space undesirable. 

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Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.


1. Floor to Ceiling Tile

Floor to ceiling tile is on trend because it creates a seamless look in the master bathroom. By having the tile go from up the wall as well, it makes the bathroom look bigger than it really it is. This is ideal for homes that do not have a tub or for bathrooms that have a seamless shower door. 

It's important to pick a tile that has dimension but is not too contrasting to the vanity and paint color. If you choose a dark tile, you should keep the rest of the finished neutral. If your vanity is painted or a dark tone, the tile should not be dark as well. 



Image via Houzz



Image via Square Footage, Inc.


2. Large Windows

Master bathrooms are often located on the side of the house, so you can generally incorporate a window into the design. The sides of many homes are often the most private spaces because they usually face a wall or fence. 

In the first photo below, a window is used in a dormer, which allows for natural light, but is still high enough above the street level to allow for privacy. In the second photo, the homeowners opted for a darker color palette, so adding the window was crucial to keeping the space bright. 



Image via Frank Shirley Architects



Image via Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.


3. Impact Lighting

One of the key elements in bathroom design is the lighting. You can have the most beautiful bathroom available, but if the lighting is poor the design is not noticeable-it just feels dark. 

Placing lights strategically is another way to make a compact master bathroom feel bigger. Use LED strip lighting to bathe entire walls and floors with a soft, diffused light that resembles daylight. Add lighting to the top of a concealed bulkhead or beneath a vanity, so the vanity appears to float.



Image via Leslie Goodwin Photography



Image via Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors


4. Sliding Doors

The door you select for your master bathroom can have a big effect not just on how big the space feels, but also on how comfortably you can move around in it. A hinged door that swings inward will take away valuable floor space — fine if you have a large en suite, but not ideal in a compact one. In this case, a door that slides into a hidden pocket in the wall is the best option. 


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Image via Moger Mehrhof Architects 



Image via Rustica Hardware


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