Essential Questions to Ask Any Designer or Contractor

May 05, 2016

Whether you are looking into getting a new car, a new pair of jeans, or a new kitchen or bath, it is beneficial to be an informed consumer. When you are taking on a remodeling project, be sure to come prepared to any meeting with a list of questions. Some will be personal to you regarding your project goals and budget, but many are important, standard questions. Here are a few recommendations:

Kitchen-Far-1-small.jpgImage via Design Sponge

For A Potential Contractor:

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. Do you belong to professional associations? If so, which ones?
  3. Have you recently completed any projects that are similar to mine?
  4. Is you company licensed and/or registered to work in this region?
  5. Do you use subcontractors? If so, are they licensed to work in this region?
  6. Can you provide references? Would those references be comfortable with having visitors view their completed project? If not, are photos of the project available?
    1. If you do speak to a reference, consider asking the following: Are you satisfied with your finished product? Was the project completed within its projected timeline? Were you happy with how the designer/contractor communicated with you throughout the project? Overall, would you recommend this designer/contractor?
  7. Who will be working in my home throughout the project?

For A Potential Designer:

  1. What's your design philosophy? (For example, are you focused on practicality or aesthetics or a combination of the two)?
  2. Have you worked projects like this before?
  3. Do you have references and/or photos to share? Do you have a portfolio to share?
  4. What licenses/certifications do you have?
  5. How will we share information about the design of my project? How should I let you know what aesthetics I like most? (For example, via Pinterest and other design websites like Houzz).
  6. I have specific ideas about the design elements I am looking for. Are they feasible within my budget?

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