Haymarket Portico Remodel- In Progress

November 29, 2017

We were recently contacted by a client in Haymarket, VA who was looking to remodel their Northern Virginia home. The clients wanted to add dimension to the exterior facade of the home, while maintaining the architectural style of their brick colonial. This design goal was achieved by adding a custom portico. 

Before Photos:


As you can see from the Before Photos, the front exterior of the home was lacking curb appeal. While the home was beautiful aesthetically, it needed a redesign to help it stand apart from the other homes in the neighborhood. 

 Guthrie 1.jpg
 Guthrie 2.jpg 



In Progress:


The portico project started by adding the concrete porch needed to support the roof structure. Our masonry experts laid out the template, poured the concrete, and then our carpenters allowed time for the new steps to dry before continuing with the portico framing. 

After the new concrete steps had cured, our skilled carpenters began to frame the portico structure and install the brick surround. The new structure was attached to the existing house and the brick facade was matched as close as possible to the existing exterior of the home. 


Guthrie 6.jpg
The roof was framed out and the roof shingles were installed to match the existing roof of the home. 
Guthrie 5.jpg



Once the structure had been framed and the roof had been installed, the next phase was to add the detailed trim to finish out the portico. At that point in the construction process, with the rough framing complete, it was time to allow for the electrician to install the new exterior lights. 



 Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.



Electrical wiring was run and a new porch light was installed to add more light to the entryway. The framing of the existing front door was changed to allow the portico design to shine through. A copper roof flashing was added to the seam between the existing brick exterior and the new portico roof structure. 

As you can see from the photos below, the portico looks amazing! The elegant toned white paint compliments the red-orange of the exterior brick perfectly. The black shutters complete the design of this new, beautiful portico that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 



Guthrie 3.jpg


Check back soon for photos of this finished project! 


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