How To: Design a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

June 16, 2016

It's always beneficial to have a separate space for kids' bathrooms in your home. If you're able to do it, it provides comfort and utility for your entire family. However, when designing a bathroom for children, you will have different considerations in terms of design, layout, and functionality when compared to an "adult" master bath. 

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Here are some of our top considerations:

1. Keep the kids' ages in mind. A bathroom for a toddler will differ from one for a teenager. Consider differences in color schemes, layout, and hardware.

2. Safety. No matter what age, safety is always of the utmost importance when children are using spaces. 

3. Keep scale in mind when you are installing plumbing. In the shower, a handheld sprayer that a child can easily reach is a great idea. Additinoally, lever-style valves are easier to operate than knobs or handles.

4. Consider installing faucets with antiscauld devices. Use them, and make sure the water temperature is set at a level that won't scald sensitive skin.

5. If kids are sharing a bathroom, we recommend separating the toilet area. You might consider using a pocket door to close off a small space. 

6. Incorporate lots of storage space into your design. Kids will inevitably have lots of products, towels, and even toys and it will be beneficial to have space to put them in. 

7. Be creative. A kids' bathroom is a great space to experiment with color and patterns. You may use a bright hue for an accent wall or even a funky wallpaper. Regardless, it is an optimal space to try new things and accessorize. 

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