How to Design Plan your Northern Virginia Garage

May 20, 2020

Adding a garage, either attached or detached, can solve just about every storage solution out there. This lovely addition not only adds value to your home, but also gives you peace of mind via decluttering your everyday living space. You may feel enticed to move all of your items into the garage right away just to get it out of your house, but consider long term storage solutions to make life easier. 

Check out our top tips on what to consider when designing your Northern Virginia garage! 

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1. Consider Your Lot

 It's important to consider your lot when planning your new garage. Many homeowners have different wishlists for their garage, whether it be extra storage space, a workshop, or a place to put their cars, but most often the lot determines the garage placement. Things to consider:

A. Where is my septic field located or city water hookup?

B. How close will the garage be to my neighbors property line? 

C. Are there any underground utility lines or overhead power lines? 


Many of these questions can be discussed thoroughly with a qualified builder that is familiar with local building codes and the type of garage you are hoping to build. It may be that your garage needs to be built in a different location in your yard, which can be determined by working with your builder to review setback requirements for your property, all while taking your needs and wants into consideration.  


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2. Bathroom or No Bathroom? 

If you plan on having a detached garage, you may be considering adding a bathroom, especially if you plan to spend a large amount of time in the space. One thing to consider is the cost of running plumbing to your new garage. In most cases, adding a garage that has electrical only is much more cost effective. 


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3. Mother In-Law Suite

If you are considering adding living space above your garage, perhaps for a relative or parent, it is usually called a mother in-law suite. Adding a bedroom to a detached or attached garage is a very simple process, but it is important to check code regulations in your county to make sure that type of structure use is permitted. Many counties have regulations on what a space can be used for, such as if you plan on renting it until your elderly parents are ready to move in. Working with a qualified builder who is familiar with state and county building codes is the first step to ensure you are meeting the building requirements in your area. If a mother in-law suite cannot be built, adding an addition to your home might be a more viable option. 


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4. Matching Exteriors

Many homeowners who want to build a garage for more storage space will not want their new addition to have an unappealing aesthetic from the street. Curb appeal is important, not just for your own personal tastes, but also if you plan to ever resell the house. Many homes that have siding and roof shingles over 15 years old can be difficult to match, but it's not impossible.

Many homeowners will choose to replace their roof and siding at the same time as the construction of their garage is taking place. If that is not an option in terms of budget, having an experienced design team who is familiar with a wide array of building products is essential to make sure your investment is not only functional but beautiful. 

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