How To: Find Your Personal Decorating Style

July 13, 2016

Since everyone's personal style is different, each individual interior space will also differ. When designing and decorating your home, it's ideal to have one coherent overall style rather than it seeming like each space is a new style of its own. For example, if you have a modern kitchen, you wouldn't necessarily want your dining room to be very traditional. That doesn't mean that you can't mix styles, but there are ways to find your own integration of different styles throughout your home.

Image via Apartment Therapy.

Here are a few tips:

1. Scale back on what you already have.

Before you add anything new, evaluate the things you already have. Sort through personal possessions and get rid of things that are no longer useful or don't have sentimental value. 

2. Rearrange your spaces.

Take a look at the furniture, decor, and accessories that you already have before you plan to purchase anything new. Good interior design doesn't mean that you throw everything away and start from scratch. Move furniture, find new spaces for art, and rotate accessories to give them new purpose.

3. Declutter.

A messy room does not make for good design. Clean, well-organized spaces bring contentment, harmony, and peace. When everything has its place, you are well on your way to developing your personal style. Often times, less really is more.

4. Be creative!

As you look at your spaces, find their strengths. Maybe your living room has unique architectural elements, or your dining room has a lot of natural light and you want to capitalize on that. Don't be afraid to implement a unique design and add interesting decorative elements.

5. Get personal.

The best design elements are those that are personal to you. Furniture and accessories should represent who you are, and what makes you comfortable in your own space.

By taking some time to develop your personal style, you can create an attractive, inviting, and unique home. 

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