How To: Hire Professionals for Your Bathroom Remodel

June 09, 2016

The process of hiring people to work inside your home is an important one. They will work closely with you about your design goals, budget, and timeline. They will also be inside your home for what is sometimes an extended period of time (depending on the size of your project). 


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We recommend asking friends and neighbors to recommend professionals in your area. You can also check online or in local papers. Regardless of where you find home professionals, be sure to take the time to research them carefully.

Here are the four main types of professionals you will encounter and what their jobs entail:

1. Architects

Consulting an architect is smart, especially if you are planning to make significant structural changes such as expanding your bathroom space. It's the architect's job to make sure that the expansion of the space blends nicely with the old space. When working with any architect, be sure that they are licensed professionals, which makes sure they have had appropriate training in architectural design.

2. CBDs

Certified Bath Designers (CBDs) are trained professionals who are specifically trained in bathroom design and remodeling by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). CBDs are specialists, and they can advise you when it comes to spatial issues, floor plans, and the latest trends in tile and countertop choices. Overall, you'll want to hire someone with the letters "CBD" after his or her name.

3. Interior designers

Interior designers, if you choose to use them, do not make structural changes to a space. They focus on color, patterns, texture, and furnishings to bring an overall design all together. The letters "ASID" indicate membership in the American Society of Interior Designers, which is a national organization of qualified licensed professionals. 

4. Contractors

If you've already hired an architect to design your bathroom, or you're not making substantial structural changes to the space, using a contractor is a great idea. For example, if you're simply upgrading fixtures or restructuring an existing space you might consider using a contractor.

Note: Design-build remodeling firms (like us!) provide one-stop shopping for design services and construction provided by designers and remodelers on staff. 

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