How To: Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

July 06, 2016

Whether you are selling your home or just looking to make some minor improvements, curb appeal matters. First impressions are important, and curb appeal is essentially someone's first impression of your home. When you spend time designing and maintaining your home's interior, it also makes sense to invest in its exterior -- particularly what it looks like from the front. Curb appeal refers to the home's exterior, which includes the front entry, driveway, walkway, porch, and landscaping.


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Here are some things to help you increase your Northern Virginia home's curb appeal:

1. Focus on the roof.

Surprisingly, what your roof looks like matters. If it's dirty, or shingles are missing, people are going to notice. Be sure to take a look and make necessary changes. We recommend hiring a professional to be sure that the roof is safe and sturdy.

2. Replace your house numbers.

This is a simple one, but it makes a big difference. You want your house number to be easily seen from the road. Additionally, make sure the numbers look clean and coincide with the style of your house. It's a small, simple change that can go a long way.

3. Landscaping.

Landscaping can also transform the way your home looks. By simply adding a few plants that offer a pop of color, your yard is instantly more appealing.

4. Utilize paint.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. You might consider painting your front door a vibrant color, or re-paint your trim and shutters. Your home will instantly look polished.

5. Create symmetry.

Everyone enjoys looking at a space that is symmetrical, and this look is easy to accomplish. Consider adding light fixtures, hardware, plants, and other accents in a symmetrical configuration to boost your house's curb appeal.

6. Update or add a porch.

Take a look at your front porch and determine whether it needs updating or replacing. By replacing front steps or refinishing a wraparound porch, you can be both creative and functional.

7. Refinish your driveway.

Updating your driveway is an easy, quick way to make your home look better. You may even consider changing the entire look or shape of your driveway, like making a pebble driveway rather than asphalt.

8. Update siding.

Similar to your roof, the appearance of a home's siding makes a difference. Consider touching up areas that need it, or replace all of the siding for a fresh look.

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