How to Jazz Up White Kitchen Design

March 23, 2018

All white kitchens have been on trend for a very long time, with a resurgence in trying to incorporate classic design with modern elements. 

Although many all-white kitchens are lovely and inviting, some can appear a bit bland without having contrast. Check out these design ideas below for inspiration on how to jazz up your white kitchens design!


IMG_4827-1.jpgImage via Pickell Architecture


1. Metal & Wood Accents

Copper, bronze, brass and polished nickel are great metal choices for warming up an all white kitchen. They can be used in the knobs and pulls for cabinet hardware, the plumbing fixtures of the sinks, and the appliances, along with a contrasting light fixture finish. 

Wood is an excellent way to add texture to an all white kitchen. All white kitchens, while classic and beautiful, can seem muddled without contrast, and adding wood pieces is a great way to bring the eye around all parts of the room. 


farmhouse-kitchen-6.jpgImage via The Working Kitchen, Ltd.


traditional-kitchen-15.jpgImage via Wesley Ellen Design & Millwork


2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can introduce color, movement and dimension to a white kitchen. When applied to a lone wall, wallpaper can create a dynamic focal point, as shown in this photo. The bright white cabinets and crisp white walls are accentuated by the damask patterned wallpaper, making the space feel luxurious and stately. 

Wallpaper is also a great way to signify separate areas of an open floor plan, as seen with the birch wallpaper below. The designer added the wallpaper to show the end of the kitchen and beginning of the living space. The wallpaper pattern keeps in line with homes overall design scheme, while creating architectural interest in the space. 


8e5194f80165c16f_1218-w500-h666-b0-p0--.jpgImage via McBurney Junction


Troup-3-3000x2000.jpgImage via Sustainable Kitchens


3. Colorful Island

Wood-stained and painted islands often appear in white kitchens because of the richness and contrast they bring. As shown in the kitchen below, one of our clients was looking for a classic and timeless kitchen, but wanted to incorporate contrast to break up all of the white. This was achieved by creating a bright red island as the showpiece of the kitchen. 


kitchenremodel_northernvirginia_w_02.jpgImage via Lensis Builders, Inc.


4. Patterned Tile Floor

Layering in a rug is a great way to introduce color and texture to an all-white kitchen, but some clients worry that a rug could be an added source of dirt as well as a possible tripping hazard. 

This clever kitchen resolves both issues with a tile rug instead of a fabric one.


15f1e81908f3a9f8_8127-w500-h666-b0-p0--transitional-kitchen.jpgImage via LUXE Remodeling

0af1745c04c3f66a_9408-w500-h666-b0-p0--.jpgImage via Creative Stone & Tile

5. Vibrant Backsplash

A vibrant tile backsplash can also bring color and texture to your white kitchen. White allows your backsplash tile options to be limitless, as you can use virtually any backsplash color! 

Some homeowners have fun with the tile pattern, as seen below, as a way to create interest for the eye of the homeowners. 


7e31653d092f41cd_3732-w500-h666-b0-p0--.jpgImage via Dakota Homes

transitional-kitchen-12.jpgImage via Nystrom Design

6. Painted Ceiling 

A painted ceiling can bring unexpected color to your white kitchen. Ceilings are often painted a shade of white, regardless of the room’s wall color. The periwinkle blue color used on the kitchen ceiling wall above adds a level of warmth, while still feeling as though it fits in seamlessly with the overall kitchen design. 


traditional-kitchen (1)-3.jpgImage via SANTAROSSA MOSAIC & TILE CO INC


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