How to Make Your Kitchen Bake Worthy

September 01, 2016

Do you have chef dreams, but think you can never make them happen due to the current state of your kitchen? Quick access and smart storage, can mean the difference between a baking delight or a well intentioned blunder. Follow these tips to get your kitchen bake worthy.


Image via NEAT Method Scottsdale


1. Make you Pantry Bigger

-For a completely organized kitchen, a pantry area is invaluable. The corner shelves here provide the perfect space for ingredients and cookbooks. The jars, canisters and baskets have been organized in uniform lines to keep the area looking tidy, but, to add interest, the owners have chosen a variety of styles and sizes. To make things even more organized, add labels in tag or sticker form.



Image via Paul Craig Photography Inc.


2. Hang Utensils Like a Pro

-If you lack cabinet space for your baking equipment and decorating supplies, think about items you’d be happy to have on display. Then you can devise some handy wall storage to keep them neatly off the counters.



Image via Tom Howley Kitchens

3. Choose the Right Countertop 

-When planning your kitchen, pay attention to the countertop material you choose. Baking enthusiasts should opt for something hard-wearing and non-porous. Quartz and granite are good options because they’re resistant to stains and won’t be scratched by knives. They’re also heat-resistant, so they can handle a hot cake pan and they stay relatively cool when you want to roll out pastry.



Image via CR Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Design Studio


4. Clever Storage for Bulky Pots & Pans

-Cake pans, cookie sheets and mixing bowls are pretty cumbersome, and it can be tricky to find them a home. Wide drawers like these are often a better option than a cupboard, as the items can be stacked neatly and accessed easily. This one has useful pullout sections at the top that are perfect for sheets and trays.

When planning storage, it’s a good idea to make a list of all the items you own, how often you’ll need to get to them and where it would be best to locate them.



Image via Harvey Jones Kitchens

5. Show Off Your Cookbooks

-If you’re serious about baking, you’ve probably got an array of cookbooks for inspiration. Keep them off the counters to avoid damage from splashes and spills, but place them somewhere you can get to them easily.

Recessed shelves are one good idea for keeping them neatly tucked away. By using your imagination, you can fit books in any number of places. This island contains a slew of them to peruse while enjoying a cup of coffee at the table. If you get most of your recipes online, look for holders for your tablet that you can attach to a wall.



Image via deVOL Kitchens


6. Clever Chopboard Storage

-An essential item for baking is a cutting board, and it’s useful to have a few in different sizes and materials. Avoid leaning them precariously against a wall and instead design some dedicated storage for them. Gaps in the corner of this cabinet are one example. If you can’t fit a storage spot like this in a base cabinet, try separating a section of a wall shelf with some wooden partitions.



Image via Andre Rothblatt Architecture


7. Install a Warming Drawer

For serious bread bakers, a warming drawer is a wonderful thing to have. It’s essentially a drawer that fits into your space like an integrated oven. Alternatively, you’ll find them built into traditional range ovens. The warm spaces are perfect for proofing bread — and they can also be used to defrost food and heat up plates.



Image via Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design


 8. Get Bulky Items Off the Counters

-If you use your mixer a lot but don’t want to keep it out on view, why not store it in an appliance garage? Install a cabinet to fit directly on top of the work surface, with electrical outlets inside. Then you can open the cabinet and use your gadgets without moving them. When you’ve finished, everything can be hidden away behind the door. 


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