How to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

May 06, 2016

Is your living room functional but not as inviting as you’d like? No need to fret. Here are several simple ways to make it feel more like a room you actually want to hang out in.

Living_Room.jpgImage via Modern Organic Interiors

1. Go with Natural Tones

- By combining different shades of a nuetral pallete and soft fabrics to your living room, it can give it an overall appeal. Add pops of color with fresh picked flowers and patterned throws. 



Image via JS Interiors, LLC

2. Anchor Floating Furniture

- If your living room furniture does not rest against a wall, take advantage by anchoring the room with side and end tables of a cohesive style. End table can be added between 2 chairs, as seen above to create a reading nook.



Image via Christina Markatos Design

3. Introduce Versatile Art Pieces

- By adding a grasscloth wallpaper and framed papyrus art to the walls, the living room above creates a very zen like atmosphere. Keeping in touch with the blue-green color palette, while mixing in shades of tan and copper, allows for a space that doesn't seem intentionally pre-planned. 


Image via TEA2 Architects

4. Don't let the TV be the focal point

- Most households watch TV. Having your TV easily accessible in your living room space makes sense, especially for family movie nights, but it can be difficult for guests to do anyhting else when the TV is on, as you are naturally drawn to the movement on the screen. Try a TV enclosed by cabinetry. It gives you the option to make your living a versatile space. 


Image via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

5. Maximize Greenery for Better Health

- Any room can be accentuated by greenery. Whether it's a large or small addition, it makes a big difference in the overall feel of the room. Large glass jars are ideal for broken limbs, while window sills are perfect herbs, such as rosemary and sage. 


Image via Drawing Dept

6. Aim for Flexible Lighting

- Overhead recessed lights are great for kitchen and bathroom use, but unless your living room is a multipurpose space, incandescent and soft glow lighting is recommended. Try using a multi-switch outlet that will control multiple lighting sources, from lamps to an overhead ceiling fan.



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