How to: Master Bath with Magazine Style

August 23, 2016

Do you have magazine aspirations for your new master bathroom remodel? We can help! Here are some ideas for what to do before & after your remodel to maintain the quality designer look you've been dreaming of.


Image via Joyce Hoshall Interiors

1. Stencil Art

Stencil Art has come a long in the world of design. With the development of computer animated features, you can now take any design and display it gracefully on your walls. The possibilities are endless! 




Image via FOUR POINT Design+Construction Inc.

2. Spa Elements

It doesn't take much to make your master bathroom look like it belongs in a spa. By keeping essential oils, herbs or flowers, and accessories designed for luxury, your master bathroom will look and feel as if you are at a top resort. 



Image via Mark Jordan Architecture & Design

4. Candles

Candles in the bathroom have a reputation for setting the mood, relaxation that is. There is a niche market of specialty candles specifically designed for relaxation in the bathtub. With a modern outer housing, the candle can look like decor and multipurpose as a candle. 



Image via Kelly Baron

5. Flowers

Having fresh flowers in the bathroom will not only increase your happiness, but also make your bathroom smell great. It's scientifically proven that having floral or fauna in your home elevates your mood and increases the feeling of peacefulness. If allergies are a concern, try succulents! See below!


Image via Lazcon Pty Ltd



Image via James Glover Residential & Interior Design

6. Heated Towel Rack

Heated towel racks are associated with luxury, but don't always come with a luxury price tag. As seen in the photo above, if your bathroom has tile flooring and a big window, you will be grateful for a warm towel on a cold winter night. 



Image via Modern Craft Construction, LLC


7. Wall Art

This stunning bathroom remodel is an example of wall art done right. The colors stand out against, what would be, a neutral bathroom. By accentuating the wall art with strategically placed lighting, this bathroom becomes a showstopper. 


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