How to Maximize Space in Your Bathroom Remodel

November 02, 2016

Whether you are planning a master bath or a powder room, there are many ways you can use the space you have. Here is a list of our suggestions about how to best use your space.

1. Water Closets

Water closets are enclosed spaces within the bathroom intended just for the toilet.

2. Showers for Two

You might shower alone, but a larger shower gives you the chance to install more than one method of water delivery (jets, multiple showerheads, etc.).

3. Separate the Bathtub

In larger spaces, we recommend separating the tub from the shower. If you have spare room, go for it!

4. Double Vanities and Sinks

We can't emphasize this one enough. Double vanities and sinks allow for two people to use the space at the same time. And even better - they provide storage. If you're working with a smaller space, you might consider looking into two pedastal sinks instead.

5. Half Walls

If you have a modest-size bathroom, this is a great way to create two separate areas. Be sure to consider where your light source comes from. If you have natural light, make it a point not to block it out.

6. Skylights 

Installing a skylight allows extra natural light, especially in a space where you don't have the ability to incorporate any. We always prefer natural to artificial lighting.

7. Keep Things Off the Floor

If you don't have a lot of square footage, you may consider a vanity that is mounted to the wall. You can even mount toilets, faucets, or counters to the wall.

8. Storage

Utilize the space you have inside walls to create storage. You can opt for open or closed shelving.

9. Use Pocket Doors

We love pocket doors, especially in smaller bathrooms. Rather than swinging out into the room, they slide right into the wall.

10. Fixtures in Corners

You may consider putting your shower, vanities, or toilet into the corner of the room. When they are neatly tucked into the corner, there is more free space to use.

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