How To Plan for Children's Spaces in Your Northern Virginia Home

September 14, 2015

While there are fewer children living in each home today than did so a generation ago, there is still a strong emphasis on making a child's space an imaginative, practical area. Children's bedrooms, playrooms, and even bathrooms are still planned with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. Here are some of our top tips for planning children's spaces in your Northern Virginia home.

1. Consider a bedroom that is adjoined to a playroom, which allows for the separation of sleep and play areas.

2. When planning a larger bedroom, plan carefully for space for children to move around.

3. Plan for a desk with good lighting and built-in shelves to encourage children to study. This can be in a bedroom, home office, study, or even as part of the kitchen/dining area. Consider having access to electrical outlets and internet access for computers.

4. TVs and phone access are great additions to playrooms, studies, and other living spaces (even bedrooms, if you decide to include them). Plan for access to electrical outlets and internet access here too.

5. Consider these options for bedrooms and playrooms:

  • Built-in play areas with climbing fixtures, slides, etc. (when room permits)
  • a performing stage
  • A small dance studio with a full wall of mirrors
  • Built-in shelves for books, toys (and storage space in general)
  • Comfortable and inviting seating areas including love seats, chairs, and pillows

Overall, one key element to children's spaces is the emphasis on practicality and storage. Toys tend to pile up, and built-in storage units help minimalize clutter. We also recommend experimenting with color, patterns, and furniture options, as children's bedrooms and playrooms are areas for creativity.

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