Interior Design Style 101: Part I

October 08, 2015

How would you define your personal design style? Not sure how to describe it? Luckily, it's not necessary that you adhere to just one style - it's often the most fun to mix a few different interior styles that best represent your personality. On the other hand, some adhere to just one style throughout their home (like American country versus Scandanavian modern). Here are a few generally known interior design styles to base some of your interior decorating decisions on.

1. Formal Traditional

  • Formal European and American design (like Renaissance, Baroque, and Victorian)
  • Elegant appearance
  • Refined materials, textures and patterns
  • Use of rich colors and materials

2. Casual Contemporary

  • Appearance of relaxed comfort 
  • Low-maintenance materials (like wicker and natural wood)
  • Durable materials and comfortable fabrics

3. Organic Modern

  • Based on Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style, where spaces grow from their natural surroundings
  • Also includes the Craftsman Style
  • Use of natural and neutral colors, natural woods, and modern furniture 

4. Scandanavian Modern

  • Similar to more organic styles
  • Large windows, sliding glass doors that are open to natural surroundings
  • Wood ceilings
  • Sparsely furnished (lots of open space)

5. Art Nouveau/Art Deco

  • Inspired by nature
  • Lots of flowers and plant life, as well as animals
  • Few pieces of furniture to create openness

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