Is 3-D Design Worth the Cost?

June 30, 2016

You may be considering an update to your Master Bath or Kitchen. In your mind, you can see the beautiful white marble backsplash, custom cabinetry and new flooring, but what about everyone else? It can be difficult to convey exactly what you are looking for in your renovation.You stockpile your Houzz photos, magazine clippings, etc. and turn it all over to your designer and contractor. You hope and pray that they see your vision, but you are worried if they truly understood what you wanted. This is where 3-D design comes into play. 

You may be questioning the cost of 3-D design and if it's really necessary. The wonderful thing about having the 3-D design plans are that you get confirmation that what you asked for is what you will actually receive when the work has been completed. It confirms you and your contractor are on the same page, and allows you to see the project changes overall. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments  before the work begins, that way you have a seamless renovation. 

star-dhv-2.jpgImage via Chief Architect

1. Using 3-D design software lets you get and overall visual of your new floor plan. 


2020Design_V11_Kitchen_DietrickNKBA_1200w.jpgImage via 2020 Design Software

2. It allows you to gain perspective of the overall feel of the new space, not just the rooms dimensions. 



doll-house-render.jpgImage via Chief Architect

3. You can see the exterior grade as well to get a feel on an additions encroachment on the yard of the property.  


chief1.jpgImage via Chief Architect

4. In the event of renovating the entire kitchen or a bathroom, you can see the finishes in place as they will be when the work is done.  

1406346193_3D_Home__landscape_Exterior_Rendering_Design_Studio.jpgImage via Rechana Desai

5. The overall view lets you see exactly how the new addition will match to your existing home. It will give you an idea of scale and perspective in respect to the rest of the house. 

In conclusion, having 3-D design drawings done in the pre-construction stage, will not only save you time but money in the long run. Talk to one of our design associates to get more information on how 3-D design is right for you. 


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