Kid Friendly Design in your Northern Virginia Remodel

September 25, 2017

Have you been wanting to remodel your kitchen or potentially add an addition, but are looking for a way to incorporate all of the items that come along with raising children? Take a peak at some of the ways you can incorporate kid friendly design into your remodel. 

1. Bookshelves in Dining Room

 Floor to Ceiling bookshelves are a great solution for families who love to read, as books always seem to accumulate when you have young children. If you are a book loving family, having books out in the open that are easily accessible will help encourage your child to read on a daily basis. 

The nice thing about having floor to ceiling bookcases is that you can put a wide array of items outside of just books. The base of the bookshelves can be converted to actually have doors on them so items such as memorabilia or holiday dishware can be stored. 


Image via Visible Proof


2. Chalkboard

 A chalkboard is wonderful way to inspire young creative minds and keep them busy in a constructive way. It is an added bonus to have the chalkboard in a play room or living room area, so that you can keep a close eye on them as you are doing other activities within your home. You can use a chalkboard to help your kids get involved in meal planning for the week, write out their preferred snacks, or create a checklist of weekly household chores. 

The only consideration you should have about installing a chalkboard is if anyone in your home has asthma or allergies, as it will be non-toxic, but bothersome. A way to remedy this is by having a giant dry erase board instead. 




3. Adjustable Stools

 Adjustable stools are great way to integrate usable furniture for family members of all sizes. This feature works especially well when it comes to island seating and entertainment spaces. With adjustable stools, the kids can eat breakfast and do homework at the island, while they can be raised for dinner parties or for older children. 


Image via C3 Studio, LLC


4. Mudroom

 A mudroom is an essential element in living with children and young adults, especially if you live in an area that sees all four seasons. Storage within a mudroom can house items, such as hats and boots, raincoats and umbrellas and scarves. It's a great place to store the non-everyday items that require extended organization. 
























Image via Oak Hill Architects



5. Kids Zone

 A kids playroom can be essential when it comes to a separate designated space for your children's activities. Most families will make room in their basement for a children playroom or work space. If your basement is unfinished or partially finished, you may consider remodeling that space to allow for room on the main floor of your home. It would also be a good idea to include a bathroom in your basement design, if one is not already in place. 






7. Kid Friendly Dining

 Depending on your lifestyle and the layout within your home, you may want to consider a designated or kid-friendly dining area. For small children, a separate dining area or work space can help you watch your childrens activities while doing other prep work in the kitchen. This is also useful if you have heirloom furniture that you wish to keep in pristine condition. 


Image via Sutro Architects





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