Kitchen Addition Design Ideas

July 26, 2016

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's the place where families come together and create lasting memories. Whether your family is large or small, having enough space in the kitchen is a true stress reliever and opens many opportunities to entertain. A growing trend has been the kitchen addition.


Image via Krieger & Associates Architects, Inc.

1. Back Yard Addition

-By adding the kitchen addition to the rear of the home, it allows the kitchen to flow seamlessly into the outdoor entertaining areas. This not only helps for ease of use, but also interacting with guests as you cook.  



Image via Powell Construction

2. Flexible Floor Plan

-By adding the kitchen as an extension to the back of the house, it gives flexibility in the floorplan and placement of windows. This will help incorporate all the necessities of your new kitchen design and offer the maximum functionality. 



Image via Krieger & Associates Architects, Inc.


3. Extension Onto Patio

-This is a popular option for customers who have a stone or paver patio and are looking to add more living or cooking space. The walls of the addition are mostly glass, and serve as a multi-use space for enjoying the the outdoor scenery year round. 



Image via Niche Design Architects

4. Kitchen and Dining Space

-Adding the kitchen addition can also accommodate a dining area, as shown below. By incorporating an island into the space, with the main kitchen storage being on one wall, it opens the addition up for more possibilities to entertain with ease. 



Image via Niche Design Architects




Image via Duo Dickinson-Architect

6. Separate Structure with Breezeway

-If the floor plan of your home does not allow for a bump out into the yard, due to an existing pool or patio, try a separate addition to the side yard. If you have the space, you easily add on while keeping with the existing facade of the home. 


Image via Maplewood Building Company

6. Utilize Natural Light

-By adding an addition, it gives the opportunity to utilize natural lighting. You can open up your new addition to the scenic backyard. Regardless of the style of your home, adding an extension to the outdoors creates a unique and inviting space. 


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