Kitchen Remodeling: Kitchen Island Extras

June 18, 2015

Kitchen islands provide extra counter space, dining areas, and storage space to a room. Here are some great “extras” you may choose to add, all of which have added benefits of functionality and visual appeal.

1. Dishwasher

Kitchen Island with Dishwasher


If you plan on adding a sink to the island in your kitchen, also adding a dishwasher there is the perfect choice. It’s convenient to have the sink and dishwasher in close proximity (an added plus is that they can share the same drain). We recommend slide-out dishwashers rather than conventional ones, which have drop-down doors. A drop-down door may be an obstacle, depending on how much space you have. Overall, adding a dishwasher here is a major convenience.

2. Gas Range

Kitchen Island with Gas Range


Adding a cooktop (gas range stove) allows the person preparing food to survey the room, facing out rather than facing a wall. A gas range is beneficial because quick adjustments to temperature can be made, and they are high power. Be sure to have appropriate ventilation to handle smoke, steam, and odors. This addition to your kitchen island is perfect for entertaining!

3. Wine Storage

Kitchen Island with Wine Storage


We love the idea of adding wine storage to a kitchen island because it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can store wine bottles in a built-in rack where they are easily available. Some styles include crisscross grids, open shelves, and cubbies. Note: the minimum rack depth is approximately 12 inches to make sure the bottles fit. This extra feature will take you a long way when you’re entertaining.

4. Pet Station

Kitchen Island with Pet Station


If you’re a pet owner, you may consider integrating space in your kitchen island for your pet. You can add custom features for your dog or cat with a space for their bowls. Here, their food and water dishes can be placed on a shelf. We recommend choosing stainless steel, which is easy to clean.

5. Baking Station

Kitchen Island with Baking Station


For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking, the kitchen island can be customized to allow space for kneading pastry or rolling out dough, among other things. We recommend using a dual-height island, which has two separate planes and lots of added space. Using materials like stone or stainless steel, which remain cold, are advantageous for baking. Butcher block is also a great option.


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