Maximizing Kitchen Storage Space

June 27, 2016

Most kitchens have gadgets and specialty items. Some of them we use everyday, while others only come out during special events or holidays. Normally, these items are placed on the countertop or out in the open, making your kitchen look cluttered and unimpressive. Today's modern cabinet design allows for ways to maximize storage space without making your kitchen seem as complicated as a Rubik's cube. Check out these design ideas below for inspiration for your new kitchen. Reach out to our design associates to turn your cluttered kitchen into a showstopper. 

kitchen-storage-cabinets-free-standing-by-sawhill-kitchens-1.jpgImage via Sawhill Kitchens

1. Use bottom cabinets for plates and bowls


Normally, plates and dishes are kept in the upper cabinets of the kitchen. With today's flexibility in design, it is much easier to accommodate the look of an open kitchen by putting plates and bowls in the lower cabinets. It's easier to reach, and usually base cabinets are wider and deeper than top cabinets. This allows them to accommodate larger houseware items. 

modern-kitchen-1.jpgImage via de-spec

2. Pot Rack- No Island Required!

A lot people think that in order to utilize a pot rack, you need a lot of space, a high ceiling, or an island. This is counter-intuitive, because the whole purpose of a pot rack is to free up storage space in the kitchen. As shown above, a pot rack can be used on a wall in a galley kitchen. 


transitional-kitchen-2.jpgImage via Burns & Beyerl Architects

3. Hang Cooking Utensils

In the same realm of pot racks, are hanging cooking utensils. It's easy to create a hanging cooking utensil rack by attaching it to the wall behind the kitchen backsplash. 


traditional-kitchen-2.jpgImage via Figura Kitchens & Interiors

4. Custom Buffett with Matching Cabinetry Doors

Imagine taking an unused wall and turning it into a built-in buffet. Even if the wall is load baring, it is still possible to place a custom nook within the wall perfect for hiding items, such as the mixer, food processor, coffee maker, and blender. 

home-design.jpgImage via Kitchen Kraft

5. Use Lift Cabinet Doors

When considering hiding everyday appliances, consider lift cabinets. These cabinet doors are great for cabinets that are right on the countertop material.  They swing up, instead of out! They make accessing your devices easy and when closed, look just like every other cabinet in the kitchen. 

home-design_1.jpgImage via Kitchen Kraft

6. Beer & Wine Fridge, or Espresso Machine

Depending on your lifestyle, a beer or wine fridge may seem like a luxury, but if you entertain often, it will make your life a lot easier to have these items easily accessible to you. Instead of lugging the cooler out of the garage and taking up space in the kitchen, just refill the drink fridge. Visitors will be impressed by the thoughtful design. 


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