Moving Into the Design Phase Of Your Addition Or Remodeling Project

September 08, 2017

So you’ve selected a Design/Build firm for your home addition or remodeling project, and it’s time to move into the “design phase”. It might seem like a daunting task, and you may not completely understand what this actually involves. However; it’s the most important part of your project – the planning and design.

At Lensis Builders, we like to tell our clients that we’ll be designing their project “with them”. Even though we’re the ones working with the CAD program, it’s still a very interactive process. It has to be. It’s YOUR home, and no one knows how you use it and want it to ideally be for your family better than YOU.

So what can you expect when you’ve signed off on a design proposal for your project? With our firm, you would have been given an “Opinion of Probable Cost” with your design proposal – which is essentially a rough estimate range we will work toward while designing your project. Our design fee is 3% of the total estimated cost, and is credited toward the cost of our construction – so you’ll see it come right off the top of your official construction proposal. But let’s put the horse before the cart. We can’t do an official construction proposal based on no design, and no finish materials selected. We want to take step one – which is to start planning and designing every detail of the improvements.

What is included with a set of architectural drawings? What do they look like? Will I be able to see what it looks like in 3D?

Our designs provide excellent visual communication, to include a detailed, 3D design model. They also include an “existing layout” page - which details your existing home as is for comparison, a “proposed layout” page – which shows our idea for the new floorplan and/or addition, “perspectives” of the existing layout and proposed layout, “elevations” of any cabinetry or architectural features, and of course everyone’s favorite part – “3D full color views” of how the proposed space will look if you were standing in the room.

 1. Existing Layout Page

CAD 1.jpg

 Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.


2. Proposed Layout Page

CAD 2.jpg

Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.


3. Existing and Proposed Perspective Page 

CAD 3.jpg

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