Northern Virginia: Adding A Wine Cellar

November 16, 2016

Have you been considering installing a wine cellar in your home, but are unsure of the steps to consider before moving forward. Take a look at the key points listed below to determine the next steps in your renovation. 


Image via Connecticut Stone

Things to Consider:

1. Do you have space within your home to accommodate the wine cellar or will you need to build an addition?

2. Do you intend to collect valuable wines?

3. How much wine do you drink in a given period? 

4. Will the wine cellar be integrated into another area of the home, or will it be stand alone?

5. What types of wine do you intend to store?

6. What is your budget for the proposed wine cellar? 


Image via KW Designs

2. Refrigeration Systems

After making sure your wine cellar is properly insulated and sealed there are three main types of wine cellar refrigeration systems to choose from. Each has its unique benefits, to help you understand the fundamental nature, benefits and differences between these systems we have described and illustrated them below.

Remember, the objective is to maintain a constant, stable and ideal environment in your custom wine cellar. Factors to balance in doing this are the location, the constraints and the size of your wine cellar, along with the initial cost, the running costs and ease of maintenance of the system. 


transitional-wine-cellar.jpgImage via Steiner & Koppelman


3. Type of Refrigeration Systems

A. Self-contained through-the-wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

B. Ductless-Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

C. Ducted-split air handler Wine Cellar Climate Control Systems



Image via Solaris Inc.



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