Northern Virginia- Farmhouse Sinks 101

August 07, 2017

The traditional farmhouse sink is generally a lot deeper than modern stainless steel under mount or top-mount sinks. Its design enables the user to stand directly in front of the basin, with no cabinets or countertop in between. This feature made the farmhouse sink more comfortable to use at a time in the past when women would spend a large part of their day there — preparing food and washing dishes, clothes and even babies. 



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Though you could still wash a baby in today’s farmhouse sinks, you’d probably find them more useful for washing large pots, big baking sheets and oven trays, and even barbecue grills — items you would generally struggle to wash in a typical sink. 

And if one large bowl isn’t enough, you can find several double-bowl options too, like the one seen here.



Image via Elkay


Farmhouse sinks were originally designed to sit slightly to the front of the surrounding cabinets, so that any water flowing down the front of the sink would run to the floor instead of landing on and damaging the cabinets. This is how farmhouse sinks still are typically installed in a kitchen. 

They also are usually installed just under the level of the countertop so the counter can slightly overhang the sides of the sink, making it easy to wipe water from the counter straight into the sink. 



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Most farmhouse sinks have a slanted bottom which allows for water drainage. One way to allow for this is to have a drain hole on one opposite end of the sink-not in the center of the bowl. Another option, like the one shown below, allows for grooves to be imprinted into the metal so that water can drain down the sink. 


Image via Home Depot

Image via Elizabeth Lawson Design


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