Northern Virginia Master Bathroom Design Tips

February 23, 2018

Are you considering remodeling your Master Bathroom? It's easy to look up photos online to gain inspiration, but having an actual designer work with you on your project makes all the difference in terms beauty, timelines, and managing your budget appropriately. 

Check out our tips below on how to create a stunning Master Bathroom for your Northern Virginia home!  

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Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.


1. Matching Floor & Wall Tile

Choosing the same color for the floor and wall tiles, even if they’re different shapes, will make a small en-suite feel much larger. If you can tile walls only to a certain height, consider painting the walls above the tiled section in a complimentary color to the new tiles. 


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Image via Lensis Builders, Inc.

2. Bigger Windows

Master bathrooms are often located on the side of the house, so you can generally incorporate a window into the design. The sides of many homes are often the most private spaces because they usually face a wall or fence. If this is the case for you, rather than put a small window in your en suite, why not incorporate a large glass window? Not only can this bring a touch of greenery into your bathroom, but it also will make a small space feel larger. 



Image via LORRAINE G VALE, Allied ASID

3. Optimal Lighting

Placing lights strategically is another way to make a compact master bathroom feel bigger. Use LED strip lighting to bathe entire walls and floors with a soft, diffused light that resembles daylight. Add lighting to the top of a concealed bulkhead or beneath a vanity, so the vanity appears to float. These are very effective methods of lighting a small en suite. 


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Image via Renocon Design

4. Sliding Door

The door you select for your master bathroom can have a big effect not just on how big the space feels, but also on how comfortably you can move around in it. A hinged door that swings inward will take away valuable floor space, which is not ideal in a compact bathroom. In this case, a door that slides into a hidden pocket in the wall is the best option. 



Image via yamamar design

5. Storage Solutions

As with any bathroom design, there will be a number of accessories you’ll need to add to your en suite to make it functional. Towel racks need to be located near the shower and vanity. 

If your bathroom has limited wall space, consider putting accessories in other spots, such as the back of the door, above or around the toilet, or on the side of the vanity. One new trend we are seeing in bathroom design is to build storage into wall. It's important to check that there are no HVAC, plumbing or electrical wires behind the walls before demoing. If there are, they will need to be moved to accommodate the new storage space. 


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Image via Clare Gaskin

6. Wants vs. Must-Haves

The cost of your master bathroom will vary according to such factors as materials chosen. Simply replacing fixtures in an existing room while retaining the layout and plumbing will be considerably cheaper than rearranging the layout of the entire room or installing a new en suite. 

Other factors can have a big effect on cost too, including whether there is plumbing close to where you’re installing the new en suite that you can simply tap into or whether new plumbing needs to be put in. If you’re extending your home outside its current boundaries to accommodate the new bathroom, this will be another added expense.



Image via Upside Development

7. Preparation is Key

When planning a master bathroom, the most important thing to consider is what functions need to take place in the space. Once you’ve worked that out, ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Do I need a large wall mirror or would it be more cost-effective and just as practical to hang one above the sink?
  • Would it be a good idea to mount the vanity on the wall to maximize floor space? Should the sink be recessed into a cabinet, hung on the wall or sitting on the counter as a feature?
  • What can I edit to make the bathroom seem bigger and less cluttered? Do I need extra storage in the form of shelves, medicine cabinets or wall recesses?

 Working with a designer can not only save you time and money, but by letting them work with you through whatever design questions you may have, it can streamline your entire renovation. 



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