Northern Virginia Master Bedroom Design Ideas

July 16, 2018

As many homeowners are making the decision to remodel verses relocating to another area, the master bedroom is becoming more of an oasis. The master bedroom is now a space where homeowners sleep, work, connect, and spend time with loved ones. Making sure you make the most of your private oasis can be essential in ensuring your peace of mind.

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1. Desk for Quick Tasks

A desk in the bedroom may not have been a design feature you have previously considered, but if you are renovating your existing floor plan and may be looking to gain space by taking away walls, such as removing a home office; having a place to put the home office desk back into can be ideal.

One design option is to add a side table that is high enough to place a lamp that can be used as a nightstand light, but not too high that you can't reach it while in bed. 




2. Feature Wall

Feature walls have been growing in popularity for the past 5 years, with reclaimed wood and textured wallpaper leading the way with master bedroom interior design. One key difference in keeping with transitional style is that are warm and light contrasts with earthy undertones. In the bedroom shown below, there is a reclaimed wood feature wall, but there is also a side wall that has a textured wallpaper. The furniture contrasts with the dark tones of the wood, while still maintaining a level of softness to the overall feel of the room. 




3. Balcony or Bump-Out

One of the most common wish list items for a master bedroom is either a bump out or balcony. As more and more homeowners are staying in their homes for the long haul, creating a master bedroom oasis has become more important than in previous years. Adding a balcony or bump out is especially easy if you are adding an addition to your home during the renovation process. 




4. Creative Storage

Many homeowners wish for more storage space, especially for areas that experience all four seasons. Increasing the closet sizes of an existing bedroom can be challenging in some homes because moving plumbing or electrical lines can get expensive. One solution the homeowners below came up with was to add a thin wall of cabinet wardrobes their bedroom wall. It allows for single hung items and smaller storage options at the top for extra blankets.  


transitional-bedroom (1)
 Image via Day True



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