Northern Virginia-Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Island

August 22, 2017

A lot of attention goes into selecting the right storage for an island’s main base cabinetry. But don’t forget about the ends of the island. Depending on which way your island faces and how much space you’ve got in relation to the drawers and cabinets you select, you’ve got plenty of options for display and storage. Here are some creative ideas on how to maximize the storage potential of your new island.  


1. Glass Front Cabinetry

-You may have not originally thought of glass cabinets when thinking about what you want out of your kitchen island, but if you have collectibles or dinnerware you are dying to show off, then this would be a great opportunity to incorporate glass front doors into your design. This cabinet is ideal for the end of the island so that it can be utilized as a showpiece. 


Glass Doors-1.jpg

Image via TOC design



Glass Doors 2-1.jpg

Image via Nasrallah Architectural Group, Inc.



2. Microwave and Dishwasher

-Depending on the design of your kitchen, you may want to consider incorporating a microwave or mini dishwasher into your kitchen island design. Lower level microwaves are a great choice for individuals who have a hard time lifting heavy objects above the shoulders, as you would do with a normal "over the stove" microwave. Mini dishwashers a great idea for busy families that may wash more cups or bowls than other dishes, and they are also good for couples who may not have very many dishes to wash during the week. For families that like to entertain, having an additional dishwasher for stem glasses is a much wanted convenience. 


Microwave 1-1.png

Image via Design Harmony



Microwave 2-1.jpg

 Image via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.


3. Island Refrigerator

-Island refrigerators have a tendency to be associated with wine and beer, but more and more clients are choosing them for multipurpose storage. The island refrigerator can hold juice packs, milk, and baby bottles. These types of refrigerators can also be equipped with a latching system to keep young children out of it, so if you choose to utilize this refrigerator to store alcohol, you can keep it out of reach of your young children. 



Wine Fridge 1-1.jpeg

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