Our Favorite 2016 Color Trends

February 09, 2016


Every year, there are changes in what is considered trendy or fashionable when it comes to colors for your home. Whether you repaint your walls, switch out old tile for new, or simply add an accent rug, color is one of the easiest ways to make quick updates to a space. Here are some of our favorite colors this year.

1. Natural Greens 

Green hues align well with the idea of eco-friendly, natural living. Try pairing greens with neutrals like brown, grey, white, or beige.

2. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones like purple, teal, dark blue, and magenta were popular last year too. Don't be afraid to mix and match, as many of these colors pair nicely with one another.

3. Cool Greys

Shades of grey are best complemented by natural materials like wood, and we also love them paired with metallics like bronze and copper.

4. Stark Whites

The Scandanavian, minimalist approach to color is here to stay. Whether you choose a crisp white or warm beige, it's a great platform for adding a wide array of color (or keeping it simple and monotone) to a room.

5. Pastels

In particular, light shades of lilac, purple, and pink are already used widely this year. Muted pastels can be surprisingly elegant and modern.

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