Our Top 5 Interior Design Don'ts

June 23, 2016

In any interior space, there are some design faux pas to watch out for. When you are your own interior decorator, it can be challenging to balance space, color, textures, and other design elements so your spaces are beautiful and cohesive. We love the idea of throwing all decorating conventions out the window and focusing on your own unique style, but these are some design don'ts that we feel particularly strongly about.

hardison1.jpgImage via Design*Sponge.

Here are our top five:

1. Don't create rooms in isolation.

What we mean by this is that when you are decorating, it's important to consider your home as a whole. When decorating your living room, for instance, think about the style of your kitchen (and whatever rooms are adjacent). By considering design choices holistically, you create flow from one space to the next.

2. Don't settle on your paint colors.

Painting is a lot of work. With that said, it's understandable that once the paint is up you might be hesitant to change it if you don't like it. While it takes some time and effort, a great paint color makes a room and choosing the right one is a great design investment in the long term.

3. Don't position your furniture against the walls.

This is particularly true in living rooms. If possible, move your furniture to the center of the room. This will make the room appear more spacious. Tip: The best distance for conversational seating is 4 to 8 feet.

4. Don't hang curtains that are too short or too long.

When choosing curtains, they should just touch the floor by an inch or two.

5. Don't rely solely on overhead lighting.

Yes, overhead lighting is great. But to step up the ambiance in the room, consider adding multiple layers of lighting including floor lamps and table lamps. 

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