Our Top 7 Home Organizing Tips

June 02, 2016

We’ve noticed that from our office space to our home spaces – no area is impervious to clutter. Unfortunately, items build up and the result is usually aesthetically unappealing. There’s nothing like a clean, organized, and thoughtful space. Perhaps surprisingly, there are some strategies you can use to help you organize your home. Here are some our favorite – and most helpful – tips when it comes to de-cluttering.


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1. Rolling Shelving

Rolling shelves are particularly useful in storage spaces that are deep. For example, you might transition to rolling shelving in linen closets, where you can simply roll each shelf out to conveniently grab towels and anything else you might store in there. Rolling shelving may also be used in the kitchen or closets.

2. Opaque Containers

Consider choosing attractive, opaque containers to place on shelves or on the floor. By choosing a material (e.g., woven baskets or fabrics) that you can’t see through, you create a neat and organized space. This is particularly useful in kids’ bedrooms and playrooms where you can simply put toys in containers.

3. Roll Your T-Shirts

By folding and rolling your shirts, you create a ton of extra space in your drawers. You may also consider adding drawer dividers to separate pieces of clothing from one another.

4. Use a Rolling Cart

Using a rolling cart instantly adds additional storage and organization to any space. You might consider using one as a bar cart, or even use a rolling cart for office materials, mail storage, or a station for plants. Overall, you can use it for anything.

5. Hide Cords

Cords (think: behind your TV or around your desk) build up and can be unattractive. Consider getting a small, stylish container to put cords in to prevent tangling.

6. Open Shelving

We love how versatile open shelving is. It can be used in any space in your home, and helps you organize and create space. For example, by using open shelving in the kitchen you can display dishes and glasses. Ultimately, you can display anything that you have multiples of in order to create a cohesive look.

7. Display Items in the Bathroom

If you’re low on storage space in the bathroom, you can use apothecary jars (or plain glass jars, mason jars, etc.) to display items that would normally be put away. For instance, you might get a set of three glass jars and put Q-tips, cotton balls, and soap inside.

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