Our Top 7 Tips for Styling a Smaller Bathroom

July 31, 2015

While we complete many master bathroom remodeling projects, we also complete many smaller bathroom remodeling projects. Technically, a bathroom with a shower but no tub is called a three-quarter bath. Many homeowners opt for three-quarter baths, omitting the tub, to give them room for other amenities like rain showers or large vanities. Half baths (also called powder rooms) require little space and typically only consist of a toilet, sink and vanity. Powder rooms range from being completely utilitarian spaces to elegant and decorative for guests. Here are 7 tips for styling a smaller bathroom in your Northern Virginia home.

1. Color

Small spaces like powder rooms provide a great opportunity to experiment with color. Even if you're hesitant to use a bright hue, paint color can be changed easily in such a small space. 

2. Pattern

Many people opt for bold patterns in small spaces. Large prints can make bold statements, or you can choose a pattern that is more subtle and muted. Either way, your powder room will look stylish and inviting.

3. Capitalize on corners

Angling your vanity in the corner of the bathroom is a smart design choice, as it leaves plenty of room to maneuver in the space. 

4. Pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks make sense in small rooms. They're pretty, yet make great use of a small space.

5. Lighting

Be sure to install proper lighting, no matter the size of your bathroom. You want bathroom light to be flattering and not too bright.

6. Accesorize

We recommend splurging on a few special fixtures, like a small chandelier. These small changes add a lot of glamour to your bathroom.

7. Pamper your guests

Pamper your house guests by having special hand towels, lotions, and soaps available. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch as well. 

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