Planning Your Garage in Northern Virginia

March 06, 2019

Many of the homes in Northern Virginia were built with a formal living plan that separates each room out with a specific purpose. This can mean small rooms with limited storage. By converting a garage or building a new garage, you can add additional living space to your home to fit all of your storage and entertaining needs!

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1. Detached Vs. Attached

Regardless of whether or not you build a detached or attached garage, a new foundation will need to be poured to accommodate the new structure. One of the perks of having an attached garage is easy access from the main house. One of the drawbacks, depending on the age and style of your home, is finding trim, siding and roofing that matches it exactly. 

A detached garage should also match in style, but there is more flexibility in color choices, as the detached garage can be placed in the backyard where it may not be as visible as an attached garage. 



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2. Single, Double or Triple Car Garage?


Some homeowners don't have a choice in how many stalls their garage may have due to space limitations on their property. If space is not an issue, a double or triple stall garage is an excellent choice for fulfilling current and future storage needs. Having the third garage stall gives you the option to convert a stall to a bonus room down the road should your family needs or interests change. 



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3. Storage is Key

The number one reason most homeowners look to building a new garage is to add more storage space. As our families grow and our hobbies change, having the extra space can make the difference between staying in your favorite neighborhood or having to move to a new home. Integrating smart storage into your garage spaces can save the headache that comes with seasonal clutter. 



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4. Plan for Future Use

One major trend we are seeing, especially as the number of Baby Boomers continue to phase into retirement, is that combined living arrangements are becoming more common. A common option is to add a detached garage that contains a garage bay and an in-law suite. This allows for older family members to age in place, while still being able to be a part of the family. 



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