Popular Kitchen Island Design Ideas for 2018

December 27, 2017

Planning your kitchen can be one of the most stressful design decisions you can make, as the internet can overwhelm with you every possible style combination available. Check out our top kitchen island design ideas for 2018 to gain a grasp on what's trending for the new year!


1. Island Drink Station

One of the most sought after additions to the kitchen island is the beverage fridge. It allows for easy access for guests who are congregating around the island, without crowding access to the main fridge while you are cooking and doing meal prep. It's also a great way to store everyday beverages, keeping younger kids out of the main refrigerator. 

During the design process, ask your contractor to add electrical access into the plans  in order to have the correct voltage necessary for the new fridge. 

Image via Erin Interiors
Image via TOC Design



2. Island Glass Display Doors

Island glass display doors are a great way to integrate your showcase pieces if wall or cabinet storage is not available. These island doors have glass fronts and false backs so cookbooks, specialty dishware or heirloom pieces can be displayed. Behind the false backs lies regular island storage, so it will not interfere with other storage areas. 





3. Open Island Shelving

Similar to the glass door displays, open shelving is a great way to store items for quick and easy access. Cookbooks, large serving platters and pitchers are ideal for open shelving. If open shelving is your design scheme of choice, it's usually ideal for the dishware to match, as to not take away from the overall design of the kitchen. Having dishware that is highly contrasting can actually make your kitchen look cluttered and unpleasing to the eye. 

Open shelving in the kitchen island makes the kitchen space look larger, but maintenance should be considered, as you items in the open shelves will collect more dust than a closed cabinet. 




4.  Hidden Pantry Cabinet

The hidden pantry cabinet is a new storage solution for kitchens that may have wall space, but lack enough room for a designated pantry. This is common in long galley kitchens or kitchens that back up to load bearing walls or utility rooms.

These types of cabinets can easily be hidden using the same door style as the rest of the kitchen cabinets. New techniques in cabinet engineering allow for cubbies to swivel into place inside of the cabinet, which allow for more items to be stored. 




Image via Brayer Design

5. Roll-Out Pantry Cabinet

The roll-out pantry cabinet is basically the same as the hidden pantry cabinet, except it has more streamlined storage for heavier items, such as canned goods. The roll-out drawers of this cabinet type are held securely to the sides of the cabinet, using sturdy steel brackets. The roll-out drawers can also be designed to hold pots and pans. 



6. Pull-Out Island Drawers

Pull-out island drawers have become increasingly popular in replacing a standard lower island cabinet that just has a shelf. The pull-out drawer can designed with varying height to allow for a multitude of items to be stored. These items can include dishware, large serving platters, linens, holiday utensils, and specialty kitchen gadgets. Hiding the kitchen trashcan has also been streamlined into the cabinet design, allowing for easier kitchen cleanup. 


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