Popular Northern Virginia Bathroom Floor Tile Patterns

November 08, 2017

Tile is ever-changing, and today’s latest trends, driven in part by new manufacturing methods and printing technologies, are opening up a whole new world of covetable looks. We’re seeing a push toward new and innovative ways of combining different products, using tiles to create bold geometric shapes or to evoke an understated luxury with soft, organic lines and nature-inspired textures. 


1. Herringbone Tile

The Herringbone tile pattern actually dates back to the Roman times. This type of tile offers a classic look that can fit in almost any bathroom decor. The material usually comes in marble or quartz. It is advisable to have this tile installed with a mesh backing, otherwise the installation process can be tedious. 

Herringbone is a great choice of tile if you are looking for a classic look that will last a very long time and appeal to every resident. 




2. Large Solid Tile

Solid floor tile is a great option to use in a large bathroom aor in a bathroom that has a lot of color in other areas. If you are planning on using vibrant wallpaper, decorative wall art, stark paint colors, or an expressive backsplash; having a solid floor tile will help balance out the room. 





3. Cement Tile

A vintage- or Moroccan-style tile can look fantastic in a bathroom. It adds welcome contrast to an all-white room, and it means that the rest of a room doesn’t have to work so hard to look stylish. Here, a pretty vintage-look pattern pairs with a black border, which grounds the design and adds a traditional touch. 

Image via Urban Future
scandinavian-bathroom (1).jpg


4. Geometric Tile

Geometric tiles have been increasing in popularity in the past few years, and they also can help make a bathroom feel visually interesting. It’s always a good idea to bring home some samples before you make your decision, and to think about how patterns will repeat. This tile has quite a large diamond pattern, so it needs a reasonable amount of visible floor area to be appreciated. A black-and-white geometric design also looks good teamed with color, as they’ve done here with the glossy blue wall tiles.



Image via Amberth

5. Hexagon Tile

Squares and rectangles aren’t the only shape options for tiles — how about going for hexagons instead? A honeycomb pattern on your bathroom floor can have a modern Scandinavian appeal, and if you choose a neutral shade, it won’t overwhelm the room. Choose more than one tone to add interest, or alternate two colors for a fun effect.


Image via Leroy Johnson

6. Porcelain Wood Look Tile

Porcelain tiles that look convincingly like wooden planks are gaining in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Using real wood can be risky in bathrooms, as the moisture can cause damage. Wood-effect floor tiles offer the warmth and good looks of wood while being practical, water-resistant and sturdy. They come in shades from grays to red-browns, so choose something that works with the rest of your home’s style and color scheme.


transitional-bathroom (1).jpg
Image via LEIVARS

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