Porch Dreams: Rebuilding Outdoor Spaces

July 11, 2016

Have you thought about redoing your outdoor space? If you are lucky enough to have a deck or porch, or are wishing you could add on to your existing outdoor space, take this wonderful porch rebuild as inspiration. Turning Drab to Dreamy is not far from reach. 



Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture


-The original porch of this 108 year old home was showing it's age. The columns and roof were original to the home. The roof pitch was at an odd angle regarding the connection to the house. The overall facade seemed drab and not as inviting as you would think a front porch should be. Without support rails, the owners were concerned that guests would fall into the bushes, due to the shallow depth of the porch.  


Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture


-The entire porch was removed, leaving only the original steps. The existing roof was replaced with a standing seam metal roof that provided a more ideal pitch in relation to the homes roof. In the picture above, you can see where the roof of the house and the roof of the porch are unaligned with each other. This made the porch look like an afterthought in design. 


Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture

-With the new roof installed, the porch seems new, but as if it's been there all along. The original columns were re-installed, along with a cross railing to enclose the space and to also provide security for guests. 


Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture

-The exterior of the home was given a refresh with paint, including the original brick steps leading up to the porch. New patio furniture was purchased to accent the lovely new paint colors. 


Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture

-Instead of reusing the existing deck material, which was too worn and damaged to be saved, the homeowners opted for cumaru decking with hidden fasteners. Using materials that would last was a priority. It is finished with ipe oil.


Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture



Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture


-Now the homeowners have a wonderful spot to sip lemonade and enjoy the weather. Not only does enhancing your outdoor space improve your quality of life, but it also improves your resale value. 



Image via Dalrymple/Sallis Architecture


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