Recently Completed Project – Detached Garage in Centreville VA

April 25, 2019

Seems like everyone wants and needs more storage space at their homes, and garages are definitely one of our most popular addition requests. How many of us actually have two cars in a two car garage? Or is a “one car, one lawnmower, four bikes, one weed-whacker, six lawn chairs, thirteen pool noodles, two trashcans, a snow-blower, and sixteen boxes of holiday decorations” scenario more familiar?

We recently designed and built a gorgeous detached, two car garage in the Northern Virginia town of Centreville – and the Home Owners couldn’t be happier with the final results.

One of the biggest challenges with a garage addition, whether it’s attached or detached, is aesthetically tying it in perfectly to the existing home. No one wants to drive up to a beautiful home with what appears to be a boring, unappealing box slapped on. With this Centreville garage, a lot of attention was paid to the details that make it a perfect match for the beautiful home.



Image via Greg Hadley Photography



Image via Greg Hadley Photography


We used the same siding as the existing home to ensure that the facades matched, using our industry research skills to track down the proper materials. The garage has high gable end square top windows installed as well as two garage doors – both to match the existing home.



Image via Greg Hadley Photography



Image via Greg Hadley Photography


 The existing home’s electrical panel box was full, so a sub panel was added to accommodate the new electrical items in the garage, to include interior fluorescent lighting and exterior light fixtures to match the home. The homeowners wanted an open porch to enjoy the beautiful setting of their backyard. The finished project looks as if it has been with the home all along. 



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