Renovate to Create Master Bath Storage

August 09, 2016

Create Master Bath Storage by renovating your existing bathroom to maximize every inch of space. Most bathrooms are easily cluttered by products we use everyday, and it can be difficult to maintain a tidy bathroom, even with storage bins under the sink. Check out these innovative ways to create more storage in your master bathroom.


Image via College City Design Build

1. Built-Ins 

Custom built-ins can provide maximum storage in a bathroom. Some custom cabinets are a little more expensive than a standard cabinet, but the cost is worth it with a maximized storage integration system. 




Image via Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

2. Create Storage Where It is Most Used

Come up with creative and beautiful ways to have storage where it needs to be. Plan ahead and place the correct storage unit in close proximity to the space where you’ll need it most. That wall behind the tub is a prime location. Spare the art and take a practical approach in one of the most functional rooms in your house.



Image via Jessica Yurjevich



Image via Rebecca Hatton Interiors Ltd

4. Put Doors on Niches

Bathroom storage can often get untidy. While open niches and floating shelves can be glamorous, cabinets with doors will provide secure storage that you won’t have to constantly organize. By having both doors and niches, bathrooms can still look beautiful while maximizing storage.



Image via Jeneration Interiors

5. Shallow Upper Cabinets

If you are fortunate to have a large master bathroom, consider shallow upper cabinets or cabinets along the ceiling. They can be shallow like a medicine cabinet, and still house everyday items. 



Image via Dura Supreme Cabinetry

6. Designated Compartments

 A small pullout dedicated to everyday essentials can keep other storage from becoming cluttered.



Image via Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard


7. Build Into the Wall

 You can utilize even the smallest wall for added storage. Medicine cabinets typically can be recessed to save space. By building into the wall, you not only create more storage, but have an unusual feature that catches the eye. 



Image via Affecting Spaces


8. Laundry Luxury

Combine functions of the bathroom if you have the space. Instead of having a laundry room, for instance, combine the bathroom and the laundry to create a larger space with more storage. 



Image via Susanna Cots


9. Vertical Storage

 Going vertical can use an otherwise dead space in a bath’s walls to store tall bottles and stackable tissue boxes. The beauty of tall units is that they can be treated the same as walls or doors to conceal their purpose.





10. Storage Furniture

 Benches in bathrooms are quite common, and it’s even better if one can do double duty. Many bathroom benches now come with storage for easy access to small items used on a regular basis. Being tidy and chic at the same time is definitely a bonus.


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