Strategies for Keeping A Clutter Free Home

May 03, 2016

It happens to all of us. You come home from along day at work, and instead of going through the mail, or putting away the shopping bags, you put your items on the kitchen table, counter-top or floor. You may try to clean your house and rearrange items, only to find that you are just moving one pile to another location. Creating simple storage solutions and buying furniture that accommodates the daily activities of life will not only have a pay-off in a clutter free home, but also save you time when you actually know where your keys are. Take a look at these 10 strategies for keeping your home clutter free.

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1. Keep your table set

-If you like to entertain, and storage is an issue, consider keeping your table set at all times. It creates a homey and inviting atmosphere that saves you time when preparing for a party. If you do not entertain often, use the place settings for your daily meals, replacing used dishes afer you have washed them. 



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2. Create non-flat storage space

-The natural inclination when you get home is to lay everything down on a flat surface. By creating designated spaces for various items will not only increase efficiency, but also the overall appearence of your home. Speak to experienced design team associate at Lensis Builders, Inc. to see if adding a mudroom to your existing floorplan is an option. 



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3. Maximize wall space

-Just about every kitchen has gadgets, utensils, toasters, microwaves, & coffee makers on their countertops. Maximize your wall space by hanging cooking utensils from the wall or under the cabinet. Your kitchen will feel more spacious and and accessible for activities, such as food layout for parties. 


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3. Invest in pantry organizers

-The pantry is synoyomous with clutter. Out of sight, out of mind. It may be easy to hide the clutter of a pantry from guests, but when it comes to look for a jar of food that you swear you have, it can be exhausting trying to find it. Organizing the pantry is also a great way to maximize meal planning. You will spend less money at the grocery store not buying products you already have, and less time when it comes to cooking.



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